To thrive in the culinary world, it’s common for restaurants to ask publishers like Manila Food Crawl to feature their business. In order to avoid swaying public opinion, we use the “restaurant review” and “features” tags to show the context of each post.

Features/Sponsored Articles

These posts are only meant to share a restaurant’s story, give a rundown of its menu, and highlight its strengths. Features are not meant to show what we personally think of the food or service. Normally, features are written for new restaurants that are trying to get their name out there. In this light, we normally visit restaurants only once before writing a feature, and our meals are normally sponsored by the business owners.

Restaurant Reviews

Restaurant reviews are comprehensive, detailed, and highly opinion-based. We do not review restaurants on their soft opening; we wait for at least a month before posting reviews about any restaurant. As much as possible, we try to visit restaurants at least twice before reviewing in order for us to widely explore a restaurant’s menu and to test the service.

The most important element in reviews is that we pay for our meals. Sometimes, we try to get discounts through Eatigo, Booky, or Looloo, but we pay for our meals nonetheless. We strongly feel that valid feedback only comes from paying customers, and this is why we are adamant on paying our bill when we plan to write reviews.

All reviews are based on anonymous restaurant visits.