Not a Drill: Ramen Nagi Is Giving You Free Ramen On Your Birthday Month

Suddenly, we can't wait to get older.


2018 is off to a killer start!

Ramen Nagi Manila has just announced that customers can get free bowls of Butao ramen any day during their birthday month. You only need to go with one paying guest, and we all know, it’s not hard to ask anyone to come along when the destination is Ramen Nagi.

For the full mechanics, please refer to the graphic below:


We’re so excited! As you may have probably noticed, we’re crazy about Ramen Nagi, as evidenced by our numerous posts about it:


Note that only the Butao King will be included in the promo. No worries! We recommend that you get these specifications for your Butao in order to enhance your experience:

  • Richness of Taste: Rich
  • Special Sauce: Extra Heavy
  • Garlic: Extra Heavy
  • Pork: Belly
  • Vegetable: Green Onion
  • Level of Spiciness: 2 or 3
  • Firmness of the Noodles: Extra Firm


Enjoy your birthday month! This promo will be valid for the entire year.

Details about the promo were from the Ramen Nagi Manila Facebook page.

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