Poopsies! A Toilet-Themed Restaurant Just Opened in the PH

BRB, need to use the toilet.

If you like your food served with some toilet humor (literally!), then C.R. Casillas Resto is for you. The restaurant is designed to be a large comfort room (or restroom) with toilets that can be used as chairs. Food is served in toilet bowls or urinals to make them more exciting. Don’t forget to order poop brownies to top off your meal!




While the concept of a toilet-themed restaurant isn’t exactly new, it’s cool to finally have one in the Philippines. Visit C.R. Casillas Resto now and enjoy taking selfies or groupfies for your friends while feasting on classic comfort food!

C.R. Casillas Resto is located at 2nd Floor, Peninsula Building, Jose Abad Santos Avenue, Barangay Lagundi (In front of SM Pampanga Gate 4, UniOil Gas Station). You may also visit their Facebook page for more information. 
Photos are from C.R. Casillas Resto’s Facebook page.


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