Planting the Seeds for Sustainable, Self-Sufficient Communities

The easiest way to support Got Heart Foundation is by buying products from Got Heart Shop, dining at Earth Kitchen, or visiting Got HeART Gallery.

Whenever you buy a piece of fruit, like a banana, do you think about the tree where it came from? Do you ask yourself about the person who cultivated that fruit-bearing tree ever since it was a tiny seedling? What’s his or her life like? How’s his or her community doing? These are questions you’re more likely to ask yourself, once you meet Got Heart Foundation.

If you’re a resident of Quezon City, you must have seen the abundant and lush greenery that lines White Plains Avenue. Nestled in this busy but beautiful neighborhood are three interesting ventures: Got Heart Shop, Earth Kitchen, and Got HeART Gallery.

All of these are projects of Got Heart Foundation, a nonprofit organization that aims to create jobs, grassroots enterprises, and other initiatives that build better lives for people in the communities it partners with. The organization started by helping orphans and street children, and then expanded to helping the urban poor, until it was finally able to assist rural and indigenous communities.

Got Heart Foundation is also a staunch advocate of organic farming. By helping farmers adopt organic farming methods, the organization allows those farmers to become more efficient (less input, more produce) and also to offer healthier and tastier products to consumers.

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It's hard to run out of great ideas when you work with such diverse groups of people. 💛 Talantan (Chromolaena Odorata) is a weed local to the Aeta community in Bamban. 🌿 The kids are happily posing with the plant their parents use to treat their cuts and wounds with. After research proved that it has anti-bacterial properties, we thought of incorporating it into our soaps. 👌🏾 Pay our White Plains branch a visit to see all the organic soap options we have for you! . . . . . #Soap #Bath #BathTime #Shower #Handmade #HandmadeSoap #Aeta #Organic #OrganicProduct #OrganicProducts #Natural #AllNatural #Local #LoveLocal #LoveLocalPH #SupportLocal #SupportLocalPH #ProudlyLocal #LocalProduct #LocalProducts #GotHeart #GotHeartPH #Fresh #MadeinThePhilippines #PhilippineProduct #PhilippineProducts #PinoyMade #ProudlyPinoy

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Success Stories

One of the organization’s first projects involved raising funds to help a youth group in Payatas attend college. 10 years later, some of these kids were able to work in banks, schools, cruise ships, and other places. According to Got Heart Founder, Melissa Yap, “They show us photos of their families, comfortable houses, and cars. They told us not to worry about them anymore because they can now take care of themselves.”

Another story that’s exciting is the work that Got Heart Foundation is currently doing in the Abelling community. While the project is still in progress, the community was able to build the foundations of a sustainable environment, with a little help from the Got Heart Foundation. Together, they created a system of reforestation for fruit trees.

Aside from these success stories, Melissa shares, “Some of the small businesses we helped launch now sell to big stores. We won’t take credit for them because the entrepreneurs are really hardworking and strategic but we’re glad to be part of their journey and we’re mighty proud of them.”

How Can You Help?

The easiest way to support Got Heart Foundation is by buying products from Got Heart Shop, dining at Earth Kitchen, or visiting Got HeART Gallery. You can also donate directly to the organization’s educational projects, which will fund scholarship programs and the rebuilding of a school in Marawi.

Got Heart Shop is a community shop where artisans and farmers can sell directly to consumers. All of the profits go back to the communities where the products are made, in the form of strategic projects. Items sold range from raw vegetables, ready-to-eat food, natural health and body care products, as well as woven textiles and baskets.

Earth Kitchen is a restaurant that supports local farmers and indigenous communities. Launched in partnership with Hizon’s Catering, Earth Kitchen offers dishes that showcase the produce of Got Heart Farms in Tarlac and communities from Luzon to Mindanao.

Got HeART Gallery is a new venture that showcases work from local artists. Since it started operating in September 2017, it has gained the support of the art community, including collectors and celebrities. It hopes to become a launch pad for talented emerging artists.

A Note to Remember…

Recognizing that there is still a lot of work to be done, Got Heart Founder Melissa Yap has a message to share with people who want to support marginalized communities. She says, “Please pursue your desire to help because the world needs a lot of it. Be smart in doing so – always think of ways to stretch your resources to make it sustainable for the communities you’re helping and for yourself as well. Think of the things you’re best at and only give the best to those in need.

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