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FYI, There’s No Such Thing as a “Samyang 4X Spicy Noodle”

Don't be fooled.

If you’ve seen images of Samyang noodles with a purplish pink wrapper on the Internet, there’s a huge chance that it comes with a caption saying it’s the “4X spicy version” of the original fire noodle.

A quick Google search of “Samyang 4X Spicy Noodle” will confirm this. Sellers from Shopee, Carousel, Amazon, and Lazada are marketing the product as such. Even local Korean grocery stores are doing the same thing. But it’s actually not 4X spicier than the original fire noodle.

If there’s someone in the world who has the authority to talk about instant ramen, it has to be the Hans Lienesch from The Ramen Rater. If you haven’t heard of him, well, he’s the guy who’s notorious for eating the highest number of instant noodle variants in the world. He wrote a definitive guide to Samyang Foods’ Buldak Bokkeumyun, and in that guide, he posted a review of the purplish pink Samyang noodle.

One commenter asked Hans, “Some are selling this as 4x spicy. Is there any truth to that? Can’t find any information on their website.”

To which Hans replied, “Definitely not. If it were twice as hot as the 2x, you’d be seeing it as the spiciest instant noodle in the world on my Top Ten Spicy list. It unequivocally is NOT 4x spicy and whoever is selling it as that is a moron. It’s got Sichuan peppercorn in it. Doesn’t hit me as spicy as the 1x Buldak Bommeummyun.”

Well, there you have it, folks. It’s still considered spicy because of the Szechuan peppercorn, but it’s definitely not a 4X spicier version of the original fire noodles. If you want to try other kinds of instant ramen for your #SpicyNoodleChallenge, here’s The Ramen Rater’s Top 10 Spiciest Noodles of 2017 to guide you. Have fun!

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