TRENDING NOW: Jollibee’s Strawberry Tea Float and Fries

Are you ready to be #BerryBrave?

It’s official. The folks at Jollibee are taking a hit of something strong.

A collaboration with Scout Magazine, Jollibee’s out-of-the-box new product combines two things we never thought would go well together: strawberry powder and fries. The crew even came up with an appropriate hashtag: #BerryBrave. Obviously, this product was meant to #BreakTheInternet rather than to please our taste buds, but hey, it’s working!

The Strawberry Fries are available at P40 (regular size), while the Jollibee Strawberry float goes for P29 a cup.

So, are you #BerryBrave enough to try it? Here’s what we and other netizens thought about Jollibee’s outrageous new offering!

On to the next crazy idea, Jollibee!


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