KFC “Secretly” Tests Salted Egg Fried Chicken and Other News You Might Have Missed This Week

Restaurants closed here and there, a popular food publication announced its bitter end, and a few things went haywire on social media for some fast food giants.

What a week! It’s only the third month of the year, but we’ve already gone through so much. Restaurants closed here and there (remember when we reported on Champetre’s closing last week?), a popular food publication announced its bitter end, and a few things went haywire on social media for some fast food giants.

KFC Rides the Salted Egg Craze


We mentioned on our year-end post that salted egg-flavored food was one of the biggest trends of 2016. Well, it shows no sign of slowing down, as KFC releases its latest creation: the salted egg fried chicken.

We know that the fried chicken mogul has a way of making crazy variations of its food to keep us interested (remember the cheese top burger?) and this is just another way of doing that. For those who are wondering, KFC uses a piece of its signature hot and crispy chicken and douses it with a bright yellow sauce that vaguely tastes of cheese and salted egg.

If you want to try it for yourself, grab a piece now for P99 at the following branches:

  • KFC SM City Novaliches
  • Waltermart Edsa
  • Ayala MRT Station

McDonald’s Tells Off President Trump on Twitter


Managing a social media account is risky, especially if you’re one of the biggest companies in the world. Earlier this week,  McDonald’s’ official Twitter account spoke harshly against President Donald Trump, calling him a “disgusting excuse for a President,” and announces that they’d like to have former President Obama back.

The fast food chain quickly issued a statement on the said tweet:

We’ll never know if it was a brave act by one of the fast food chain’s social media managers, or if the said tweet was really posted by a hacker. In any case, it succeeded in making quite a stir.

Órale Taqueria Mexicana Closes Its Doors

Source: Facebook

Órale Taqueria Mexicana was one of the first taquerias that opened in the Philippines. After years of limiting our options to Tia Maria’s Cantina (RIP), Mexicali, Hermanos Taco Shop, and Taco Bell, we finally got Órale, which opened around the same time as Ristra’s and B&T. As an effect, this taqueria in The Fort Strip helped sustain the momentum that Mexican and Tex-Mex cuisine was gaining in the country.

Earlier this month, Órale announced that it was closing its doors. It’s no secret that the hype for Mexican cuisine has simmered down, but we weren’t expecting a casualty as painful as this.

To express their gratitude to the people who’ve supported Órale throughout the years, the owners posted a message on Facebook. We hope you can read it without crying into a sad bowl of nachos:

“To all our regular guests who have been around since day one and have become our friends and family throughout the years, THANK YOU SO MUCH for your patronage and unwavering support. We want you to know that serving you was a privilege and we would do it many times over if we had the opportunity again.

A big shout out also to our loyal Órale family for keepin’ it together all these years! You have been and will always be a part of us. THANK YOU ALL SO MUCH for your dedication and hard work!”

You can read the full message here.

Lucky Peach Announces Its End in May


As if we don’t have enough things to be sad about, independent food publisher Lucky Peach has announced that it will be closing shop. The website,, will be online until May 1, while the magazine will publish a final double issue in the same month. The indie publication will also release its last cookbook on April 4, which will be All About Eggs.

Led by Peter Meehan and David Chang, Lucky Peach is loved for its essays, recipes, interviews, and other content. Written with much wit and a wicked sense of humor, it was one of the media outfits that inspired this very website.

Please excuse us as we frantically cry over this announcement.

Is it Time to Start Eating Lab-Grown Poultry?

Photo from: Memphis Meats

If you’re tired of all the heart-wrenching news, here’s something to be glad about. Scientists at Memphis Meats have made a major advancement in food technology and have begun taste testing lab-grown fried chicken strips and duck a l’orange.

According to Eater, Memphis Meats harvests cells from living chickens and allows these cells to grow and eventually become meat we can consume. The entire process can take 4-6 weeks, just like the length of time it takes for an average chick to grow into adulthood today. People who attended the tasting event can attest to the meat’s flavor, saying that it’s as good as the real thing.

Aside from growing poultry products, Memphis Meats collaborated with Mosa Meat in the past to create burger-like meat patties from bovine cells. Who knows, if these scientists continue to make advancements in this technology, we may someday be eating meat without hurting animals!

What a time to be alive.

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