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Hop on the Genki Sushi Food Train

Sometimes, it’s not enough that the food should taste good. At Genki Sushi in Bonifacio Global City, they make sure that your entire dining experience, from the moment you sit at your table to the moment you request your bill, is an exciting, novel affair.


A popular Japanese sushi chain that opened in the Philippines in September 2015, Genki Sushi specializes in offering nigiri sushi and rolls.


Unlike conveyor belt sushi chains where sushi can sit on the belt for more than a few minutes, Genki Sushi lets you pick your orders on an iPad and have it delivered straight to your table through a sushi train. This has its pros and cons, though. One of the advantages is that you’ll always have the item you want to eat, fresh from the kitchen. A disadvantage is that you’ll lose the excitement of waiting for an item you like on a conveyor belt.

If you’re dining with a group, remember to send orders to the kitchen per person. That’s because the bill will be organized per train. This way, it’ll be easier for you guys to split the bill. You can order only four items at once, but don’t worry, the food gets served in less than 10 minutes, unless you order something that needs to be cooked.


Most of our common sushi favorites are available for only P80 per plate, which is a steal, really, since you get one order of these for around P120-P180 in other establishments. Items in the P80 mark include Salmon Belly sushi, Shrimp sushi, Smoked Salmon sushi (try this!), Fresh Tuna sushi, Tuna Rolls, Salmon Rolls, and Spicy Salmon Sushi. Take time to admire the marbling on the salmon, which is shipped from Norway.

The Tamago sushi above is available for only P60. It came on a Hello Kitty plate, which is probably because people order this for their kids. If you ask me, though, it’s only when I grew up that I began appreciating the exquisiteness (what a word) of Tamago sushi. Sad to say that my Tamago sushi came out a little too cold, though.


If you want to try something new, pick something from the P120-P150 mark. My brother loved the Lobster Salad sushi, while I enjoyed the Octopus sushi.


The best part about Genki Sushi is that their sushi rice is seasoned and prepared well. There’s nothing sadder than sushi rice that doesn’t have the fluffy texture and the perfect balance of sourness and sweetness I’m looking for. On the downside, the fish doesn’t really cling  to the rice like it’s supposed to, so it’s hard to dip this in the sauce without making your fish fall off. (Remember, sushi should be dipped fish side down!) That’s something I’m willing to live with, though, for the price they’re offering.



To fill you up, you can order a steaming hot bowl of Kake Udon (P150) or any type of rice topping.


Spicy salmon rolls are also available if you prefer these.


If you’ll notice, not all the plates are color coded per value. The Octopus Sushi (P150) is also on a red plate, next to the Salmon Belly (80) and Grilled Salmon (P80). I suppose dividing orders per train is the most efficient way to really tell how much you’re supposed to pay. If you want to go crazy on the sushi, budget P1000 per head, though around P700 is enough. It’s just more fun to order whatever you like without thinking of the price.


For dessert, you can enjoy this flavorful Matcha Ice Cream (P80). Unlimited matcha and hot water is also available at every table for free.



Even without the bells and whistles, I would have enjoyed Genki Sushi for the food alone. Most of the items are affordable, something you can rarely say about Japanese food. While you can’t say the quality is better than deluxe sushi places, if you just need a quick fix, Genki Sushi would be a great choice.

Genki Sushi Manila is now open at the 2nd level of the Bonifacio Stopover Pavilion, 31st cor. Rizal Drive, Bonifacio Global City.

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  1. I’m a fan. HAHA! Miss you Rina


  2. There’s a Genki Sushi in the Philippines, too? That’s so neat! I just noticed that there’s one around the corner from where I’m staying. I’ll have to give it a try 😀


    • rinaisnotyours

      Yes, this is their first branch in the Philippines. Have you tried it yet? How was your experience? 🙂


      • Not yet, hopefully sometime this weekend. I hear that not only is their sushi good, but their desserts are amazing as well 😀


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